men to look great in a shirt

5 secrets for men to look great in a shirt

Shirts are one of the most loved pieces of clothing by men. A shirt can be worn anywhere, on any occasion, and at any time. That is why men’s wardrobes are filled with more shirts than any other clothing style. Even then, some men find ways to ruin this famous piece of cloth. 

We have brought here five secrets that you should follow if you want to look good in a shirt. By following these tips, you will be able to make your statement with men shirts. So let’s see how to get it right with shirts!

Secret 1: Finding The Right Fit

Fit is the very first thing to check while looking for any piece of cloth. The importance of this factor increases in shirts. Usually, men think that tighter shirts make their bodies look fitter by contouring on their muscles. But if the fit gets too tight, it can make you uncomfortable while moving and will look bad. Therefore, men shirts have to be fitted while providing you with enough room to move around. 

To check this, just twist a little in the new shirt and see if it allows you to move. Also, the shirt should not be too loose as it will make you look flabby. 

Secret 2: The Color-Coding

Color coding is as crucial as the fit and style. It can ruin the entire outfit if not done right, making the person look bad. People who want to play it safe can pair light men shirts with dark pants. The best example of this is black and white. Or you can check color-coding rules to get the pairing right always. 

Secret 3: There Are Multiple Styles

It may look like that all men shirts are just the same, which is wrong. As said earlier, shirts are a flexible piece of cloth that can be worn anywhere and anytime. The notable point here is that the same shirt cannot be carried out everywhere. There are different casual and formal shirt styles that you can choose from. You must select the right style for specific occasions. 

For example, a shorter colorful shirt would be best for a vacation while a solid color long shirt would be suitable for a formal meeting. 

Secret 4: Get The Shoes Right

It is never about wearing the shirt. It is more about the entire outfit and how it makes the person look. And as they say, a man can be judged by his shoes. So it means it is crucial to get the shoes right. The type of shirt should match the pair of shoes and should go according to the occasion

Secret 5: Accessorise To Stand Out

Men shirts can become dull if they are worn every day. And if you will wear the same pair every once in a while, it can make you look non-trendy. To change your style in every bit of time, you can opt for accessories. Scarf, tie, bow, hats, watches, suspenders, aviators, or a right waist belt would do the job. The only thing you should take care of is not to wear all of them together. Haha!

With these simple five rules, you can always stand out while wearing a simple shirt, and you will never get the styling wrong.

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