Easy Ways To Clear A Blocked Drain

3 Easy Ways To Clear A Blocked Drain (DIY) Doing It Yourself

Unblocking a drain is frustrating and never fun, but neither is flooding a pool of water in your bathroom. You can always call a blocked drain specialist to sort out the blockage, and if you’re willing to pay for a possible quote fee. Or with a little luck and knowledge, you can unblock the drain yourself.

Here are simple DIY tactics you can use to clear the blocked drain.

1. Boiling Water time

For the quickest route to unclogging a blocked drain, try pouring a pot of hot water into the drain. This can be a good start to loosening the blockage or dissolve it. Only try this with metal or ceramic drains, as heat or boiling water can damage PVC drains. PVC pipes, use hot water not boiling piping hot water. Tap water is good for a replacement, can be effective on grease and sticky food build-ups. Less likely this method will work on stubborn blockages.

2. Time to use a plunger

Try unblocking the drain using a plunger, cover the head of the plunger in water and start plunging away. Pump the plunger up and down rapidly, the water should be moving to suckup the drain and down. Rapidly pump the drain and hopefully displace the object blocking the drain. Pump the plunger about a dozen times and then pull up quickly. The water should flow out the drain once it’s been unblocked. If nothing, do the whole procedure one more time.

3. Chemicals

If the plunger doesn’t unblock the drain, try finding a chemical drain opener. But be careful which drain cleaner you use because chemicals can harm some fixtures in the drainage. You can create a drain cleaner with baking soda and white vinegar. Chemicals scour the inside of the pipes and clearing the blockage out.

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