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How To Best Keep Your Office Toilet Fresh And Clean Throughout The Day

Everyone has heard that best ideas come when sitting on the toilet seat. It’s the place you go to to find refuge and unwind after a stressful and exhausting workday. So, it is important to keep the bathroom washroom and toilets as clean as possible.

Not only is important to keep your business area clean but when you also have a clean bathroom if improves the quality of your facility. Consumers will appreciate the extra cleanliness and peace of mind that it has been disinfected.

The best way to keep your washrooms clean, is by having it cleaned regularly and deep cleaned from professionals. Enviro-Master Services of Bay Area offers ths highest bathroom cleaning service in the Bay Area.

Here are tips on how to increase the hygine of your commercial bathroom.

  • Create a Schedule – Every workplace needs a system on how they are going to keep their bathroom clean, whether the business chooses to clean their own bathrooms or hire a trusted service too. Once you pick a service, you will need to sit down and create a schedule to work with your business hours. If you choose to clean your facility without a cleaning company, you should set a schedule that is reasonable with your work schedule.
  • Install toilet partitions – Toilet partitions are vital for privacy as well as for hygienic purpose. It divides the space into equal proportion so the usage space is limited. This is beneficial as the space can be cleaned effectively and the partitions wiped down to ensure sanitation.
  • Put up signages in the bathroom – This will help remind people of the appropriate things to do while using the washroom. The management should initiate it and also set up the maintenance schedules so that people are made aware of the session timings.
  • Cleaning materials – Usage of the appropriate materials is important. The necessary materials like cloths, disinfectants, glass cleaners, soap, and toilet bowl cleaners should always be kept in stock. The janitor should be instructed to use all the materials properly. Using air fresheners after the cleaning gives the washroom a fresh smell.

Things to keep clean –

  • Mirrors – No one likes a blotchy and smudgy reflection. Cleaning mirrors with glass cleaners and a microfiber cloth will help get rid of water spots, fingerprints, and smudges.
  • Toilets – Toilet bowls should be cleaned regularly and disinfected. Products such as toilet bowl cleaners, toilet brushes, and disinfectants should be in stock at all times.
  • Sink – The sink should be debris-free and shining. Solutions can be used to clean the bowl and hard water stains can be rid by using lemon-powered products.
  • Floor – Regularly clean the tiles and laminated floors to get rid of any stains and sticky spots. The floor should be swept and mopped at least once a day.

Using fresheners after cleaning is vital to get rid of the harsh chemical smells and also throughout the day to get rid of any urine and toilet smell.

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