Explaining the Cardiovascular Health Problems

Do not take heart health very lightly, as any problem in the heart can become a life-threatening experience for you. We always hear it from our doctors or in advertisements also that how important our heart is. But very few of us take care of this fact. That is why most of the people these days are suffering from one or the other heart diseases. Be it high blood pressure, cholesterol problem, heart arrest, heart stroke, heart attack, or heart failure. All these cardiovascular diseases are dangerous for our health.

Explaining the Cardiovascular Health Problems

When we say, “Heart Diseases”, it includes every problem related to the heart. The treatment for heart disease is possible in some cases if one takes proper precaution. As per the statistics, in the United States, out of four, one death is because of the heart disease.

Heart Diseases: Types

Let’s know about the different heart diseases, which can cause a problem in the blood vessels and the heart.

Coronary Heart Disease – Because of the build-up of plaque inside the blood vessels -arteries, the blood flow becomes very difficult. Sometimes, it completely blocks the circulation of blood resulting in the heart attack.

Congenital Heart Disease – Congenital heart diseases are not one of those which get develop later. But they are present from birth only. The problem can be normal also or can be very extreme also. In most of these cases, the cardiologist suggests for the surgery in the childhood or after some time of the birth only.

Heart Failure – Heart Failure is not like a heart attack as it is a slow process. There can be different reasons behind the heart failure like the heart is not able to pump the blood properly because of the heart muscles becoming weak. So, this will lead to the loss of blood flow and oxygen in the body. Try to consult the best cardiologist in India, for getting proper treatment from the time you notice any such heart problem which can end up in heart failure.

Dilated Cardiomyopathy – Because of the weakness of the heart muscles, the heart is not being able to pump or give the blood properly. Due to the coronary artery disease, the heart does not get enough oxygen supply which affects the ventricle of the left side.

Valvular Heart Disease – In total there are 4 valves in our heart. The valves in the heart can also become a problem when they either become very stiffy. Or they get some hole in them which can make them leaky. Sometimes the blood flow also becomes difficult when the valves become narrow. So, all these can also cause damage to the heart.

How to prevent these cardiovascular diseases?

Above, some of the cardiovascular diseases are mentioned, out of which few can be prevented by taking some precautions.

• Do not smoke, as it increases the more chances of different types of cardiovascular diseases. So, quit smoking.

• Do not consume alcohol in excess, as it can lead to damage of heart and other body parts also by causing some serious ailments.

• Make sure you are not overweight. For knowing that check your BMI.

• Regular physical activity is very essential. Be it just any simple exercise or weight lifting or any other sport.

• Try to keep your cholesterol in control. Also, the blood pressure, heart rate, and diabetes should also be in control.

• Include healthy food in your diet instead of high-fat food items. Take more of green vegetables and fruits in food.

• Avoid eating large amount of food that is high in fat like cream. Whipping cream may help you to control the portion size.

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