How To Tame Fizzy Curly Hair

For those of you who are born with curly hair or natural waves, you would agree to the fact that the fight against frizz is your daily struggle. That’s what keeps you from going for the best curly hairstyles too, I bet. But you don’t have to live like that forever. There are some strategies and of course, a beauty regime you can follow that can make your curls frizz-free.

How To Tame Fizzy Curly Hair

These hair perks are worth trying. The results have amazed lots of women with curly hair and so will you.

Use a shampoo meant for curly hair

Don’t use just any shampoo, use a shampoo designed especially for curly hair. Ordinary shampoos come with hair care formula containing sulfate which can leave your hair dry and brittle. Keep your hair away from them.

See a hair stylist

Damaged ends make your curls look frizzy and messy. That could be a sign you need to see a hair stylist. With a fresh trim, your hair will look wonderful and you can then easily try those best curly hairstyles you always wanted. Make sure you book an appointment with a hair stylist who has experience of taking care of curly and textured hair.

Go for a deep conditioning treatment

Curly hair deserves a deep conditioning treatment once in a while. For that, mix a few drops of olive oilor jojoba oil with your conditioner. Apply this on your hair strands. Since curls are naturally dry, soaking them in excess moisture will make them conditioned.

Invest in the right hair styling tools

When you are trying to tame your hair, the right styling tools can make a huge difference. This is the hair styling kit every girl with curly hair should have:

  • You will need a soft T-shirt for drying your hair as towels can make your hair frizzy. When using a T-shirt, blot your curls gently.
  • Whenever you don’t have time to air dry your hair, use the diff user that comes with the hair dryer. It will help keep your curls smooth.
  • Always use a wide-toothed comb for de-tangling your hair. Use it when your hair is wet. Trying to comb dry hair can cause damage and breakage.

Follow a solid hair routine

From the information above, it is pretty clear that you can tame your curls only if you follow a smart hair care routine. Stick to these and your curls will definitely look more bouncy. The shampoo that you use for your hair must be sulfate-free. After this, apply a good conditioner. The deep conditioning treatment must be applied at least once a week especially if you like styling your hair into the best curly hairstyles. Since it involves the use of styling products, you could damage your hair if you don’t provide them enough nourishment in return. Last but not the least, your hair care kit must include the items mentioned above.

It certainly is a pain to manage curly hair but it is not impossible. With these tips you can make your hair frizz-free.

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