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How to Import OLM to PST File in Bulk ? Best Tips & Tricks

How to Import Outlook OLM to PST With Emails Attachments ?

Nowadays, there are technologies and more intelligent alternatives. Even basic email clients have many substitutes that a user can search for with a lot of features. It is often best to import OLM to PST file and enjoy the benefits Outlook PST mailbox. It is obvious that the use, maintenance and problem solving are much cheaper. Most of the solutions to common problems are available online. If that does not work, blogs and forums supported by Microsoft are also very useful. This export procedure is simple and can be done using third party tool. The steps to import Outlook OLM to PST have been described in this article.

In addition, you can use a third-party tool, i.e., BitRecover OLM to PST Converter, to export Outlook OLM file to PST in a few steps.

What are the Reasons to Import OLM to PST ?

We will explain some of the reasons why users want to import OLM emails data into PST folder.

The main factor is that if you use Outlook for Mac, there are many technical issues with changing email, updating the address book, and synchronizing calendar events. Also, Outlook for Mac 2011 responds very slowly.

Outlook for Windows is easy to install or run as compared with Mac version. It comes with a very simple user interface that does not lot of technical knowledge.

Some Key Facts

• Outlook for Mac 2011 is not supported HTML and RTF formats.

• User cannot drag e-mail message to calendar in Outlook for Mac.

• Outlook for Mac does not support add-ons and also need technical advice.\

Manual Method to Convert OLM to PST format

• First, you need to create IMAP account for using Gmail.

• Here, you have to set up Outlook for Mac with this IMAP account.

• After that, create the Gmail tag to easily sync with Outlook for Mac.

• Now, transfer all emails and other data into the IMAP folder

• Lastly, you must move the IMAP folder database to Outlook Windows.

Note: Create backup of your Outlook for Mac files before using this procedure to avoid any risk of data loss.

To complete this task, that is, How to Import OLM File to PST, you must have a good knowledge. Additionally, this manual procedure does not work on corrupted OLM files.

Steps to Convert OLM to Outlook PST Format

Step 1: Download the free tool on your Windows system.

Step 2: Run software and choose the one option from Select Files or Select Folder to import OLM to PST.

Advance Options

Step 3: Choose PST option as saving format to move further.

Select Destination Path

Step 4: Choose the destination path and click the Convert button to import OLM to PST format.

completed succesfully

Step 5: Here, you get your Resultant PST file data.

Disadvantage of Manual Method

  • Risk of data loss
  • Risk of losing the message format
  • Risk of modification of the header
  • Long process for dragging and dropping each mail
  • Many efforts for users
  • Risk that emails lose their SMTP headers
  • Only useful with some emails

Use Professional Tool to Convert OLM File to Outlook PST Format

To solve the problems encountered when manually importing Outlook OLM to PST format, a commercial solution can be used effectively to achieve effective results. You can also use BitRecover OLM file to PST file conversion software, it is one of the most recommended third-party tools for converting OLM files into PST mailbox. Moreover, the reason behind this is that the PST file is having more advantages over OLM file. Thus, it is necessary to import OLM file to PST format. The application would ensure the following:

  • Precision
  • Quick conversion
  • No data loss
  • No loss of metadata during process
  • Keeps exact metadata even after conversion
  • Message preview capability
  • Bulk of Migration

Why Choose BitRecover OLM File to PST File Conversion Program Only ?

  • Easy to Use: The toolkit to import OLM to PST provides the simple and easy to use interface. Henceforth, both technical and non-technical users can work with this application without having much technical knowledge.
  • Fast Conversion: The software is designed with highly programmed algorithms, besides, responds quickly to each entry. Whether you are add multiple OLM files or folders, the program will convert OLM files into PST mailbox instantly. It works very smoothly.
  • 100% Accurate Results: This advanced tool maintains the original hierarchy of folders during and after the conversion. The program has the ability to convert OLM files without data loss and the results provided by the tool are completely accurate.

What Client’s Says About Product ?

Recently, my organization asked me to import Outlook OLM to PST format. When I heard this news, I was very worried about the complicated manual method. Then I came to know this amazing BitRecover OLM files to PST folder conversion tool that allowed me to transfer the OLM file into PST mailbox in a few mouse clicks. A big thank you to the organization for launching such a brilliant software!

Changing an OLM file into PST file was a nightmare for me, but thanks to this BitRecover expert team for helping me out of this tedious task. The conversion is super-fast and what I like most about this utility is that it migrate .olm files with attachments, including contacts and calendars.


The detailed process of converting Outlook OLM files to PST. However, in the manual process, executing the conversion process of OLM data to PST mailbox is very complex and time consuming. The user may also need the help of technical expertise to import OLM to PST format. Furthermore, the easy-to-use and convenient export method is OLM converter. This tool can instantly migrate and import Outlook OLM to PST folder reliably and easily.

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