Best Backend Frameworks For Mobile App Development

Best Backend Frameworks For Mobile App Development

What Is Backend For Mobile App Development?

The backend is the development that happens on the server’s side. For storing, securing, and processing the data mobile app backend development is used. Mobile app backend development plays a significant role in mobile. Backend is like a server used to sort out the essential information. When a user uses their mobile, several functions work in the mobile phone system. Like playing a game on mobile

Frontend apps use the backend apps for sending a set of information. The frontend uses the internet for sending information as protocols to the backend app. protocols used in sending information are only designed for this purpose. There is some code written by developers in the backend app for generating a database to the frontend. Generating output function is handled by the backend app.

What Is the Role Of Backend For Mobile App Development?

There are various steps for building a backend for mobile apps given below:

●    Planning

Requirements gathering, reviewing best practices and for business rules planning is executed.

  • Functions and Features

For functions and features of the mobile app.

  • UI/UX Design

Creating personas, form the task list, create mockups.

  • Frontend Development

It’s a real prototype inside the mobile app.

  • Backend Development

Backend is a developed application programming interface, the building of backend, quality control.

  • Testing

User, integration, functions testing device, unit testing, bug fixing.

  • Deployment

Backup is confirmed in this step.

  • Maintenance and support

The Providence of customer experience is ensured.

Backend For Android App Development

With features of login and registration or the requirement of storing data somewhere, in this case, there is a requirement of a backend app. Backend apps can be easily developed, with an investment of time and money. Or there is also an option of using a mobile backend as a service. The MBaaS app that is already existing helps save time and money. There are four best available backends for the android app MBaaS are given below.

Amazon Web Services Mobile (AWS)

A wide set of tools are provided with AWS to develop backend app for android app. AWS is a backend server for mobile android apps.

  • The services provided in AWS are cost-effective and save time, money.
  • Netflix, LinkedIn, twitch are popular apps that use AWS.
  • AWS Tools can be used easily.
  • AWS with an Inclusive set of tools is useful in creating an abundant app.
  • Push Notification, Authentication, Cloud Storage, etc. are the features of AWS.
  • AWS is scalable.
  • AWS is an approved app by amazon and trusted by some of the popular apps.



Firebase includes features that are given below:

  • Realtime Database, Crash Reporting, Authentication, Cloud Storage, Hosting, etc. are some of the best features provided in firebase.
  • Firebase is trusted by popular apps and approved by google.
  • Gatsby, Flutter, and Shazam are some popular apps using firebase.
  • Firebase synchronizes across the web and mobile devices.


Here we are listing the main features of the Parse:

  • Parse is a backend providing an open-source, self-hosted platform.
  • SDK (software development kit) is provided with this platform. Developers can easily build apps with SDK.
  • Parse provides the SDK for Android, iOS, JavaScript, Unity, Arduino, etc.


The main features of Back4App are given below:

  • Cloud function, Push Notification, Social logins, Email verifications, Live Query Real-Time Database, Analytics Dashboard, Version Control, Teams & Collaboration are its main features.
  • Activities of building, managing, hosting apps are simply and speedily performed with this platform.
  • Back4App is an advanced cloud-hosted Parse server.

Backend For IOS App Development

In this era, where most companies are offering their pre-developed MBaaS or backend as a service, reducing the headache of developing backend applications. Companies are saving time, money and extra efforts to develop a new backend application.

This backend service is provided with backend storage and backend function, essential to support applications. iOS library is provided with an iOS backend application. It’s easy to scale up the application as a free account is provided with allowances and attractive prices.

Features Of IOS App:

  • File storage
  • Geolocation
  • User management
  • Data management
  • Push notification

These are some of the best Backend Frameworks for iOS app:


Firebase is one of the best Backend as a service. Firebase is acquired and powered by Google. This solution platform provides a giant solution to developers. The main features of the firebase are given below.

  • Real-time database
  • APIs
  • File storage
  • Cloud hosting
  • Analytics
  • Hosting service available

Rest API

Rest API offers Backend as a service but as a stateless platform, creates a need to save data every time. Rest API offers great scalability. The main features of Rest API are given below.

  • Easier to use than SOAP
  • XML and JSON supported
  • Early detection of errors or mistakes while working with the API


GraphQL is provided by Facebook as it will reduce the limitation and complication of Rest API. The main features of GraphQL are given below.

  • Exact in data presenting to its clients from the server.
  • Reduced network usage in the mobile app.


StackMob is the most popular among all Mobile backend as a service. Create Web service and uploading the backend code is provided in the StackMob platform. The main features of StackMob are given below.

  • Integration of Facebook and Instagram
  • Geo queries
  • Analytic

How To Choose The Best Backend Framework For Your App

A framework’s main objective is to automate the overhead correlated with software development activities. The main advantages of using a framework for development are given below.

  • Robustness
  • Security
  • Integrations
  • Robustness
  • Security
  • Integrations

It gets difficult to choose the best one between different frameworks as It’s not a piece of cake. Each one is different and has its pros and cons.

Some popular backend frameworks are Ruby on Rails (RoR), Django, Node.js.

Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is one of the best popular frameworks. Ruby on Rails is popular as it is a programming language. The principle of Ruby on Rails is “convention over configuration” which means development becomes faster and more convenient because of Rail that comes with a set of conventions.

Development for less experienced developers is also becoming easier and more flexible with Ruby on Rails. However, there is some problem arises when the project has to pass to a new team member. A lot of work and activities took place behind the scene, in result creating more difficulty in understanding the reason behind it.


Django is released in 2005 and one of the popular open-source python frameworks. DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) principle is followed in Django means recycles the code that is already there and focuses on new parts. It enables developers to work easily and more time-efficient.

The advantage of security is also provided in Django that’s why it gets selected by FinTech apps, data science, booking engines, and e-commerce. Django also offers including battery, referred to as Django includes libraries and quality tools.

There are some popular products developed with Django are listed below:

  • Spotify
  • NASA
  • National Geographic
  • The Guardian
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Mozilla
  • Washington Post etc.


Creator of Node.js, Ryan Dahl, wanted to build websites with real-time push capability so he did. Node.js app works in a single process without requiring to create another request, which makes it more efficient.

A single programming language is used in Node.js for developing the app. It offers the advantage of making an app with the same code for both the server-side and client-side is also an advantage given by Node.js

PayPal, Trello, Walmart, eBay, LinkedIn, Netflix, etc. are the top tech giants using Node.js.


In this article backend frameworks for mobile apps are explained. Through this article, helpful knowledge is provided in selecting the best available mobile app development company as a service for a mobile app development project.

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