CBSE Class 10 Preparation Tips

CBSE Class 10 Preparation Tips

In class 10, students have tremendous pressure to perform well. Due to which they get nervous and anxious about the exam. So, to help students, we are sharing CBSE Class 10 exam preparation tips and tricks. By going through them, students will feel confident while writing the exam. Also, it will increase their chances of scoring high marks in the 10th board exam.

Tips and Tricks for Class 10 Board Exam

Below, we have shared some common tricks which are useful for all types of students, whether the student is an average performer, below average or an intellectual one. The one thing that students should remember is the regular practice and assessment of their performance. They should not pressurize themselves and feel relaxed while preparing for exams.

1) Finish the Syllabus on Priority

Students must try to finish the syllabus first. Once they complete the syllabus, they can again go through the topics in which they need more clarity on concepts. For example, if a student is poor in Mathematics, then he/she can allocate more time to Maths. Also, he/she can go through the entire CBSE Syllabus for Class 10 Maths once again to grasp the concepts.

2) Make a proper Time Table

For more organized and disciplined studies, students must have a proper time table for themselves. After completing the syllabus, students understand “What to prepare?” and “which topic to focus on more?” According to it, they can create a study plan that suits themselves. The time table can be on a daily or weekly basis. Students should make sure that the goals they set should be realistic and they can complete them.

3) Practice Sample Papers and Previous Year Papers

Solving the sample papers is the best way to understand the exam pattern and difficulty level. To get the exact idea of section-wise marks distribution, marking scheme and question weightage, solving the last year’s papers are the best resource for students. It will also build confidence in students and increase their question-solving skills. They should also check their speed and accuracy while practising sample papers.

4) Self Assessment

It is crucial that students self assess themselves time-to-time for effective Class 10 Preparation. One of the ways is that after solving the CBSE Sample Papers or past year papers, students must evaluate their answer sheet by themselves. They should find out the questions where they had made silly mistakes and where they could not answer correctly. By doing so, they can work on those areas and improve their performance for the board exam. Students must not forget to revise those topics quickly before the exam.

5) Stay Positive Before the Exam

‘Self-belief’ is a potent tool to stay positive before the board exam. In the entire process of CBSE class 10 preparation, students must believe in themselves. Every day they should spend 10-15 minutes before going off to sleep to recap what they have learned throughout the day quickly. Moreover, a bit of physical activity and meditation will help them stay focused and positive in their studies.

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