Types of Paintings

Types of Paintings You Never Knew About

Over the course of time, paintings have evolved, and the techniques are continually changing. There are several types of paintings, which are still undiscovered by many people. This art is more than splashing colours on a blank canvas. It involves a lot of practice and patience to achieve a desirable result. All over the world, many artists have produced exceptional work through various types and techniques.


Presently, it is a perfect opportunity for everyone to explore the hidden artist in themselves and make the most out of this time, or simply get to know about the diverse types of paintings to improve the knowledge about art. 

Without further ado, let’s know about the different types of paintings we never knew about from the list curated below. 


It may look like a watercolor painting at first, but it’s totally different because of the texture and technique. Gouache paintings are more massive than watercolor and leave an opaque finish, whereas watercolor paintings are usually translucent and allow the light to pass through it. Sometimes chalk is also incorporated into the gouache painting, which gives it a matte finish. It has a memoir that reaches back to over six centuries. 


It is also recognized as Hot Wax Painting. It is painted with pigmented beeswax on a substrate. Usually, a wood panel or a canvas can also be used. This sophisticated technique comes from ancient Egypt. Specialized tools are used like wood blocks or rubber stamps while painting, and some artists use heat-gun to elongate the workability of paint. 


Ink wash painting or Sumi-e is a type of East Asian brush painting that involves black ink. Artists spend years to practice the nuances of the brush strokes in this. Artists mix different amounts of water into ink to achieve different shades. Ink wash painting brushes are comparable to calligraphy, as the creation of this painting is similar to it. It prospered in the Song dynasty and later in Japan. 


In this, dry pigments are made usable by tempering them with a binding substance. It is also known as Egg Tempera Painting because it usually incorporates egg yolk as a binding medium in paints, making it dry faster and long-lasting than other paintings. Other glutinous materials are also used, such as glycerin, gum, casein as a binding material. Tempera paintings have been found in early Egyptian decorations and Cristian catacombs. 


This method of painting uses water-based pigments on freshly applied plaster. It is then made to sit with the plaster to become a permanent part of the wall. The colour dries lighter than the tone while painting. It is ideal for making murals. 


This painting gives a hard and glossy look when they are dried thoroughly. It is because of the enamel paints which dries to a glass-like finish. It is much like the nail paints. Enamel painting is commonly done on crafts to give a hard protective shell, and yet look marvellous. 

The Bottom Line

Paintings have always been the medium of communicating emotions and setting an inspiration. If you have been in the world of hues, you would know the mesmerizing tales each painting has to tell; it is only a matter of exploring them. The above mentioned were some of the most renowned painting methods that have been passed over the centuries and worth remembering. 


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